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While treatments facilitate our bodies natural ability towards healthy skin, body and soul;
Self-care is foundation of great results - Home care , sleep, nutrition and movement

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Manuka & Wild Raw Honey
While Manuka is a special kind of honey that can protect against damage caused by bacteria, it can help produce cells that can repair tissues. Both honey's are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, healing, soothing and wonderful topically as well as internally.  We use them in facials topically and are an option for teas internally.
body remedies

Arnica Gel: Relief for Sore Muscles & Joints

Sweet Birch Gel: Aids in Deep Muscular Pain & Cramping

Whipped Body Balm: Luxurious radiance - healthy looking, hydrated skin

Peppermint Foot Cream: Soothes Tired Feet and the Perfect consistency for deep hydration

Purifying Body Scrub: The secret to the softest skin, Increases blood circulation improving the bodies natural cell turn over

Omega-3 Hand Cream: Nutrient dense nourishment to protect & fortify the hands that tend to age first

Body Mists: Refreshes & Deodorizes naturally

skin remedies

Gel Cleansers: Suds, non-stripping and good for all skin types, especially oily & congested


Milk Cleansers: Creamy textured, leaves the skin clean yet hydrated, good for sensitive & dry skin

Oil Cleansers: A ritualistic cleanse. Allows for self massage for increased circulation & removed with a warmed wash cloth press. Leaves your skin clean (oil attracts oil) and hydrated feeling. Different oils for all skin types available

Cleansing Balms: A rich balm that when warmed melts into an oil for self massage & when water is applied it turn into milk for a non-greasy feeling. Best for 

Mists: Tones the skin, Hydrates for a mid day pick-me-up, sets makeup, allows product to go further, regulates oil & balm absorption

Exfoliators: Remove dead cells revealing a more radiant, youthful glow

Masks: A high concentration treatment done weekly to help boost your skin goals

Serums: Highly concentrated & active ingredients that are used daily for physical changes on the skin 

Eye Creams: A lightweight moisturizer created just for the delicate eye tissue to help keep from aging

Lip Balms: Clean with no petrol-chemicals to nourish and feed the skin vs. cover the lip skin

Facial Balms: An oil based, breathable balm (with no fillers, just beneficial ingredients) made to nourish and feed the skin. Can be used as is for deep moisture, or used with a mist to create a light weight feel

Moisturizers: A water based, breathable cream/lotion that comes in a variety of a very light consistency to a heavy deep hydrating consistency. Can create a matte or dewy finish

topical remedies

Arnica Gel: Relief for Sore Muscles & Joints

Sweet Birch Gel: Aids in Deep Muscular Pain & Cramping

tools for wellness

Gua Sha Stones: Semi-precious Gem Stones used in face massage promoting lymph movement to remove cellular waste, sculpt, depuff and increases product absorption.

Jade Rollers: Easy to use facial rollers for lymph stimulation & movement to depuff and allow skin to better absorb products.

BKR Glass Water Bottles: Hydration is essential for optimal muscle function and healthy glowing skin. Have it with you always.

internal remedies

Tinctures: Organic, Liquid supplements that work immediately with your gut & cells to help towards your goal

Teas: Organic herbs & botanicals that have adaptogen benefits to support our muscles, cells, organs & systems within the body towards homeostasis

Water: Our bodies are 60% water. Water regulates every organ, cell, muscle, joint and brain function 

confidence remedies
(little boosts)

MAKEUP - "I believe that all women are pretty without makeup- but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful" -Bobby Brown

Loose Powder Foundation: (SPF 20)  Luminous, buildable light to medium coverage, good for all skin - especially dry skin

Pressed Powder Foundation: (SPF 20)  Weightless, buildable light to medium coverage, good for all skin - especially for oily skin

Tinted Moisturizer Foundation: (SPF 15) Hydrating, light coverage, nearly 'no-makeup makeup look'. Hydrating & good for all skin wanting a little 'filter'. Best for oily skin

BB Cream Foundation: (SPF 25)  Medium to Full Coverage for a flawless look. Covers blemishes, minimizes pores, smooths & brightens skin.  Can be sheared out with a primer or moisturizer of choice. Good for most skin, especially for dry to combination skin

Teas: Fortifying teas will help aid your 'goals' from the inside out with herbal remedies

Tinctures: Natural supplements in a liquid form. Internally under the tongue is the fasted absorbent area & will aid the fastest

Natural Tan Moisturizer: Safe for face & body, this natural tanner is natural & buildable for a glow that is always natural


Remedy Kits for Home Care

Teen Kit
Hyperpigmentation / Sun Damage Kit
Pro-Aging Kit
Revitalize Kit for Brighter Skin
Adult Acne Kit
Oily / Congested Skin Kit
Immune Boosting Kit
Rejuvinated Skin - Gua Sha Kit
Stressed Skin Kit
Normal to Dry Kit
Smooth & Retexture Kit
Fine Line Kit
Sensitive Skin Kit
Eye Enhancement Kit
Lip Enhancement Kit
Lash / Brow Growth Kit
Hydrated Skin & Body Kit
Remedy Kits

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