Our facials focus on the health of your skin & we believe  healthy skin radiates happiness & vitality and we want to extend that to you. We meet you where you are in your skin care routine & use of product(s) offering easy to use and understand recommendations to compliment your skin care goals, life style and desire.


DEVENIR is a no-pressure environment. We have retail that can be recommended based off your customized analysis however we do not push any products for you to take home, nor will we ask you to stop using a favorite product that is working well for you. 


The products we use in our professional facials range from very gentle, eco-cert (R) certified organic for the most sensitive skin, to results driven- yet clean- cosmeceutical formulations to enhance, correct and repair skin in need of transformation. We also offer GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, NUT/SOY free products if requested.


Every visit will include a full skin analysis to ensure the most appropriate products are being used, noting any progress & merging your skin goals along with our professional recommendation!

Facial pricing: 30 min $40   |   60 min $80   |   90 min $120


Our relaxation facials will send you off to cloud-9! Close your eyes and drift away allowing your stress to melt while we pamper your face & senses!

A custom, yet traditional cleanse, exfoliation, serum application, mask & hydration will be completed and our focus along the way will be to help you feel care free... at least while you are on our table... Breathe deep in the delight of varying, comfortable temperatures & pressure, enjoy the aromatic scents of our natural botanical products and sink deep into our warmed and comfortable spa table as the sounds of gentle music fill the air. 

Relaxation facials use custom products suited to your skin type, skin needs and goals. Relaxation facials are wonderful for ALL SKIN TYPES.


Our renewal facials will help enhance your skins appearance, texture, radiance and improve it's integrity at a cellular level by using gentle, yet concentrated products to help further protect, revive & rejuvenate your skin. 

Renewal facials use gentle yet effective products and are wonderful for SENSITIVE skin, ROSACEA sensitive skin, anyone looking for an overall skin DETOX, or a DEEP CLEAN. 

We offer organic, GLUTEN - vegan & nut/soy free options, parabin free, dye free & fragrance free products.

Corrective care facials receive the best benefit when done in a series, however one facial and the right home regimen can help start the process of reversing your skins concerns. Each facial begins with an analysis to determine the direction & changes the skin will make throughout the multiple treatments to ensure the most effective products will be utilized. A before & after picture is also logged to tract improvements. 

The CC facial is best for anyone with concerns of ACNE, or CONGESTION, who needs BRIGHTENING or has HYPER-PIGMENTATION, who wants FIRMING or PLUMPING or has skin that needs REPAIR or deep MOISTURE REPLENISHMENT. 



Preventative facials focus on building & maintaining healthy skin thus protecting it from free radical damage (damaging cells caused by outside sources). Each session begins with a skin analysis to determine the most appropriate routine & products to utilize. 

Preventative facials are wonderful for 

*TEEN FACIALS (Modified price/timing) to treat concerns and prevent scarring, and for those who prefer to treat their skin on a  SEASONAL basis. They are also the best  facials for true ANTI AGING - treating and taking care of the skin BEFORE any concerns set in and show through. 


The advanced facials are high performing facials for those who have experienced Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Glycolics. These powerful exfoliants and transformative services are premium, multi-step treatments delivering lasting results & radiant skin.

We use gentle formulations of the most powerful ingredients, including 15% AHA / BHA peels,  10-15% ENZYMES & offer ingredients that infuse OXYGEN & VITAMINS back into the skin.

Advanced facials are best for skin that is in need of TRANSFORMATION, CORRECTION, and ENHANCEMENT. 


purchase together and save

10% Savings on  pre-buying (4) 30 min series
15% Savings on pre-buying (4) 60 min series

*Savings include featured retail products purchased for home care at time of package purchase.

The purchase of a series can not be split between clients. There is no expiration, however it is encouraged to be used within 6 months. 


*adds 10 minutes to your treatment time  $15.00

Hydrating Lip Treatment

An intensive treatment that uses ultrasonic and microcurrent technologies designed to gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin and leaves lips smooth and supple.

Micro-current Intensive Treatment

(Ultrasonic & Microcurrent Technologies)The bt-micro™ is a Power Peeling and Product Infusionskin care tool. How it works: Utilizing ultrasonic peeling (24,000Hz - 26,000Hz) to gently exfoliate the top, dead layer of skin and slough it away in 2-3 minutes, leaving the skin cleaner than traditional hand exfoliation or brush devices.


Two Positive Ionization Product Infusion modes for serums and creams to encourage complete product penetration.


Negative Ionization Mode unclogs congested pores and helps clear up acneic skin.

End result is clean, bright and refreshed skin everyday!

Makeup Enhancement

Finish your facial with an application of our breathable, non-clogging skin care makeup! 

*Tinted moisturizer, blush, lip & one color eye shear

Matcha Brightening Décolleté Treatment 

A luxurious treatment featuring a powerful blend of antioxidants layered with Matcha, a brightening Décolleté & Hand Cream to help boost skin’s radiance and reduce signs of aging, for a firm, bright and rejuvenated décolleté. 

Eye Contour Treatment


An intensive treatment that uses ultrasonic and microcurrent technologies designed to reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines, wrinkles and under eye discoloration.

High Frequency


The use of high frequency helps treat and prevent stubborn acne, reduce fine lines & pores, de-congests puffy eyes, fade dark under eye circles, penetrates serums deeper into the skin & rejuvenates the condition of the scalp for healthier hair!

*Every facial will also include; Proper cleansing or double cleanse to remove superficial dirt/debris or makeup to re-balance and restore your natural oils (acid mantle) - an exfoliation based of the skins needs, using a range from gentle mechanical based exfolients (with no acidic value), to natural fruit based enzymes that react with dead proteins to dissolve their bond on the skin making them easy to wipe away (utilizing a 3% fruit acidic value up to a 15%) or our powerful, yet gentle formulations of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that will penetrate the skin to not only exfoliate the surface but to transform the skin from within (ranging from 10-15%) - after the skin is cleared of surface debris, the skin is at its most ready state to receive what ever we feed it, this is when we customize and choose the best treatment serums to apply allowing it to penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin with nothing to inhibit its benefit - after the skin receives the treatments necessary, a facial massage is added to continue to push the serums into the skin, it promotes blood circulation creating a glow from within, it detoxes your skin, and it helps to sculpt the facial muscles and removed puffiness, lifts and tones. Our massage uses breathable, facial grade oils customized to your skin concerns, adding to the benefits or goals of your facial - a mask is then applied over the treatment serum and breathable facial oil creating an occlusive barrier which is a deep penetration of products allowing the skin to continue to drink in all of the beneficial products. The mask is also another form of a treatment to the skin aiding in oil re-balancing, moisturizing, brightening, detoxing, firming, calming, correcting or what every your skin may need that treatment. Our facial ends with custom products suited to you - eye cream, serums, facial hydration (ranging from a light gel that is matte, to oil control hydration,  to a luxuriously rich creame & everything in between) and lip balm leaving your skin feeling anew. 

Steam, hot-towels, massage crystals, jade-rollers and skilled hands are used throughout the facial as well based on my professional opinion. Extractions and Millia removal via lancet & random hair removal via tweezing are also completed if necessary but are not a staple within every facial.

*Modifications will be made for individual skin as necessary



Please contact us for more information on available appointments or services we offer.


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