facial treatments

A holistic approach to your skincare

Massage is the foundation of all my services to increase circulation & prevent stagnation to aid the skins natural ability to heal itself. 

All facials can incorporate any goals/requests you come in with!


  • Herbal roots & copper comb scalp enhancement

  • Exfoliating & Hydrating lip treatment

  • Eye Contour / De-Puffing Treatment

  • Décolleté hydration mask

  • Brow tweezing

  • Brow wax

  • Lip wax

  • Chin wax

  • Jane Iredale finishing touch makeup enhancement

  • CBD & Ginger neck massage enhancement $8 *no extra time

  • Microcurrent $15 per 15 min

  • HydroFacial Deep Pore Cleanse $20 per 15 min

  • Oxygen & Serum Infusion 10 min $15

Bespoke Facials

A collaboration or my professional recommendation

Lets create a facial suited just for you!

A discussion of preferences, temperatures, scents, goals and how you want to feel - I take your information, pull together products and create your new favorite facial!

This facial utilizes a choice of products, tools and massage focus!

This facial can utilize any of the products offered at Devenir!

Microcurrent Facial

High performance facial

Mimicking our bodies natural electrical impulses, this machine gives your muscles a 'work out', this 'no down-time' & no discomfort facial stimulates & strengthens muscles for a lifted, toned & sculpted face - reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and can be transformative for a lifted neck, defined jawline & cheek bones, give a brow lift & take the place of your Botox & Fillers NATURALLY!

Results can be immediate and are best cumulative!

This facial utilizes CREATION SKIN products that are high performing & hormone friendly!

Pure Results

Enzymes, AHA's  & Actives

Organics & Science combined for preventative & restorative facials.


Advanced cosmeceuticals, active serums, high concentrations & three levels of exfoliations/peels will expedite your facial goals!

Varied massage techniques, warmed steeped towels, a variety of tools & NATUROPATHICA are the foundation of these facials.

Garden to face

Plant Medicine Facial 

Flowers, roots, berries & herbs - Raw, hand picked & hand processed at their peak, and will be steeped, warmed, infused and then applied to your skin in the most beautiful ritual your skin could be anointed with


Our skin knows first hand how to absorb, break down and pull the nutrients it needs from whole plants and it leaves behind what it doesn't need in that moment. 

This facial utilizes LAUREL WHOLE PLANT ORGANICS  and is THE standard for slow beauty.

Holistic Renewal

Signature bespoke facial

Enjoy the healthiest skin you could imagine.

This massage focused facial addresses the muscles, fascia and lymph of the scalp, face, neck & shoulders with thoughtfully curated 'less is more' products that can be easily recreated from the comfort of your own home!


Who knew healthy, glowing skin could be achieved with little to few GREAT products and self-massage?!

I did ;)

This facial features WILDER NORTH BOTANICALS, from a local NH artisan.  Argan oil, Bee Products and the finest selection of natural ingredients and essential oils. 


Best of both

Half & Half

Half Massage & Half Facial

The best part of your day!

The perfect balance of a focused massage and a focused facial!

Lets collaborate on the area of focus, pressure, products and routines and enjoy the best of both worlds! 



Smoothing Exfoliation

A gentle yet effective exfoliation of the top dead layers of skin with a one time use surgical scalpel will reveal a smooth and radiant finish!

Your serums & moisturizers will be absorbed to their optimum & your makeup will lay flawlessly due to the removal of our vellus hair (peach fuzz). 

Hairs grow back the same as they were naturally and will not leave a 'stubble' feeling to the touch!


& Advanced Oxygen Infusion

The Oxylune is a new advanced system combining hydrodermabrasion and oxygen infusion therapy for the perfect, balanced facial. Its technology allows providers to infuse a synergy of both treatments into the skin to both clean and rejuvenate the face.

This equipment revitalizes skin in two steps:

1. Exfoliation by Hydrodermabrasion

2. Infusion of serums for skin brightening by Oxygen Infusion