massage treatments

Goal oriented care

My massage style is unique and skilled. My goal is to manipulate, correct, ease and coheres the muscle back to homeostasis- Its optimal self for wonderful results and within your pressure/comfort level. No two treatments are alike!


Bespoke Massage

A collaboration OR my professional recommendation

Lets create a massage suited just for you!

A discussion of preferences, temperatures, scents, goals and how you want to feel - I take your information, pull together products and create your new favorite massage routine!

This massage utilizes a choice of products, tools and location focus!

This massage utilizes body products offered used professionally at Devenir! To include: Essential oils, Arnica for reduced inflammation, Sweet Birch & Magnesium for deep muscular pain, peppermint cream for extremity relief, pure jojoba or argan oil oil for face massage, & more. 

Corrective Care Massage

Pain management & improvement massage

Corrective massage is muscle & facia  manipulation to aid in reducing pain, pain management and help increase Range of Motion. 

This massage is done with pressure that is comfortable to the client & to address the deeper muscles, a slow and gentle 'unlocking' of muscles allow the pressure to be greater until we can reach the depths needed. 

This is done only with permission of the client and muscles. 

Prenatal Massage

Sideline massage


This massage is what every expecting woman needs!

Care, relaxation, comfort and wellness.

This side-lined massage includes pillows, bolsters, blankets and everything needed to create a comfortable spa table no matter where you are within your pregnancy.

Once we are ready to lay on the back, you are semi-reclined with elevated feet. 

Products, temperatures, scents and routine are all specific to the needs of the expecting mother.


  • Healthy Roots - Copper combing scalp & hair treatment

  • Hot towel/serum face & scalp massage

  • Peppermint foot therapy

  • Hot stone neck & back application

  • Body Gua Sha for lymphatics 

  • CBD & Ginger body oil add on             ($15 per zone / $25 full body) *organically cultivated USA grown on one farm *non-psychoactive, isolate free cannabinoids

  • Body microcurrent ($35 per zone - 15 minutes)

The body facial

Signature bespoke Massage

Compressions & Lymphatic copper combing encourages circulation & removal of cellular waste.

Warmed mineral rich body serum delivers water-binding properties to help lock-in moisture.

Warmed herbal compresses, followed by a luxurious massage utilizing a thoughtful laying of multiple products chosen for each area of the body from head to toe!

Foot ritual

Signature Bespoke Massage

Freshening mists, warmed towel compressions, creamy peppermint cream, soothing arnica and the most luxurious and equally beneficial lower leg & foot massage you might ever experience awaits you!

Sooth, hydrate & awaken your tired feet and calves. Reduce inflammation and encourage circulation all while helping the muscles restore.