Pain management & increased ROM - Customizable pressure, goals/focus

  • 1 hour
  • $90

Service Description

60 Min $90 | 75 Min $112.50 | 90 Min $135 All massages can range from light to moderate pressure of your choice. Corrective massage is muscle & facia manipulation to aid in reducing pain, pain management and help increase Range of Motion. This massage is done with pressure that is comfortable to the client & to address the deeper muscles, a slow and gentle 'unlocking' of muscles allow the pressure to be greater until we can reach the depths needed. This is done only with permission of the client and muscles. With a discussion of goals, requests and preferences, as well as an option of full body massage or a localized session - a customized massage will be created just for you offering a range of holistic topicals, essential oils, botanically blended oils, balms & warmed hot packs for a personalized experience. PRODUCTS OFFERED: OPTIONAL to include; *CBD oils, Herbal Infused oils, Unscented options, Essential oils, Arnica for reduced inflammation, Sweet Birch & Magnesium for deep muscular pain, peppermint cream for extremity relief, pure jojoba or argan oil for face massage, & more. *Organically cultivated USA grown CBD on one farm *non-psychoactive, isolate free cannabinoids