signature treatments

Curations & bespoke treatments

where luxury meets wellness, and creates an experience


The collaboration

Create your own service!

'Experiences' that are collaborated with YOU for YOU, from a combination of the finest products, techniques & luxuries in the industry. A truly blissful experience you won't find anywhere else.


*Upon booking, we discuss the combination options: facials, massage, scrubs, foot soaks, makeup, waxing, product selections, temperatures, pressure & more*

Foot ritual

Freshening mists, warmed towel compressions, creamy peppermint cream, soothing arnica and the most luxurious and equally beneficial lower leg & foot massage you might ever experience awaits you!

Sooth, hydrate & awaken your tired feet and calves. Reduce inflammation and encourage circulation all while helping the muscles restore.

The body facial

Compressions & Lymphatic copper combing encourages circulation & removal of cellular waste.

Warmed mineral rich body serum delivers water-binding properties to help lock-in moisture.

Warmed herbal compresses, followed by a luxurious massage utilizing a thoughtful laying of multiple products chosen for each area of the body from head to toe!

Holistic renewal

Enjoy the healthiest skin you could imagine.

This massage focused facial addresses the muscles, fascia and lymph of the scalp, face, neck & shoulders with thoughtfully curated 'less is more' products that can be easily recreated from home!


Who knew healthy, glowing skin could be achieved with little to few GREAT products and self-massage?!

I did ;)