- a bespoke spa studio -


Experience a facial like never before. A facial that is transformational. Our facials will leave seeing and feeling the difference in just the first session.  


My philosophy focus on healthy skin and improving the skins integrity at a cellular level creating a healthy, luminous and if needed corrected appearance.


We use a clean range, from organic to cosmeceutical ingredients that are 100% skin loving with no fillers. Every ingredient in our products count and work towards your goals & have Gluten free / Nut & soy free and Vegan product options!

Our massages are unlike any other. Each massage is executed to your individual muscular needs, pressure and product use. 

After being license for 15 years I've learned to feel, listen and respond to what your muscles & fascia need for attention, & depth of pressure and each massage is truly unique. 


Our treatment times are full length, 30/60 or 90 minutes of massage and I use a range of products that are natural & clean also have the option of Gluten free / Nut & soy free and Vegan products.  

Precision facial waxing is our expertise. Every brow and/or facial waxing included a full consultation to determine the final result - and it does not take time away from your day! A full consultation/wax will take anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on what we are accomplishing. 

We use natural prepping products to clean the area before and after and *use aloe gel and an anti-inflammatory facial oil to reduce any redness.  

We can also use a complimentary finishing makeup product that is hypoallergenic and will not clog, allow the skin to breath and contribute to a reduction of redness. 

Jane Iredale, the skin care makeup is what we use & retail! Clean, mineral based products that are hypoallergenic and Gluten free! 

JI's product line allows the skin to fully breath, as well as heals and corrects any underlying skin concerns. 

The range is wonderful for a subtle no-makeup look up to a full High-Definition makeup look that looks flawless in professional photos.

We offer 'natural' manicures that shape, maintain and build the health of your natural nails! 


We offer a basic shape and polish up to an anti-aging manicure that uses facial grade products to enhance and repair the hands - complimenting the beautiful manicure you will receive.  

Lashes - Lashes and more Lashes! 

We offer lash services that are semi-permanent enhancing, length, fullness, curl and dept of color! 

No more mascara! No more lash curlers! No more one day use falsies!

We bring the spa to you! Or come to us with a small group!

That right! Sip on your favorite beverage while you SPA together!

Spa parties

Spa classes

'How-to' Spa lessons

On-site (business) chair massage & more!

We are a no-pressure sales studio. I keep a range of products stocked in my inventory to compliment the services I offer,  however its never a push, nor will I put down any products you are currently using or to help fill in any needs you may have for products.


I do have the ability to order any products that may not be in stock!



15 years in the industry

Licensed Massage Therapist #2417M | Licensed Esthetician & Manicurist #20178 

National Educator for Spa Professionals

I often have people ask me: What does devenir mean? It's a French word that means 'become' and for me this holds two important values. One is my great grandmother was the first generation to move to the United States from Canada only speaking French, teaching herself to speak English, she made sure she spoke french to her great-grands and holding a speacial place in my heart I wanted to honor her. Second, to 'become' is an individual, unique and special journey, which compliments the philosophy in my little studio - I offer luxury grade, bespoke spa services and guarantee a thoughtful approach to clean beauty, care, correction & wellness in your journey to become your best you. 


The first 'spa' class I took over 14 years ago was all it took for me to fall head over heals in love with the spa industry. I'm now a triple licensed therapist, educator and most importantly, an advocate for your well-being & self-care. I'm a facilitator to help you realize , feel, look & become your best self. I've opened DEVENIR, a private bespoke studio to offer one-on-one attention to you the individual, get to know your care needs or wants, and offer individual, customized services that are only for you! I meet you where you are within your goals, help set realistic expectations and would love to help you renew, relax, learn, enhance, and experience a spa service unlike any other you've ever had. 

social media review 

"I had special occasion makeup at Devenir's the other day for a military ball and it came out so beautiful! I will definitely be going back in the future and I would recommend Devenir's to anyone looking for special occasion makeup. Thank you!! :)"


I use products that are clean, paraben free, dye free, fragrance/perfume free for pure results! Good for your skin, body and mind! 

I also offer

Gluten Free | Vegan | Nut/Soy Free products & services!

social media review

"Oh my word! Calling all mamas!! Start saving your coffee money and go see Jaimie!! You will not regret it! Self care is so important!! She was very kind and considerate as well as professional! She has a passion for what she does and she has a sincere concern for what she is putting on your body and using during her treatments! My products for my massage were all natural, vegan, and, gluten free!!! It's hard to find this combination! She is very in tune and made me feel very comfortable. I will be going back and you should not second guess this place! Very hard to find a good masseuse and someone who is truly committed to healthy products for our skin!!!"


Please contact us for more information on available appointments or services we offer.


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Campton, NH 03223

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